Limited Edition Fountain

Aurora limited edition aqua NIB 18K gold EF (0991)

Aurora limited edition aqua NIB 18K gold EF (0991)
Aurora limited edition aqua NIB 18K gold EF (0991)
Aurora limited edition aqua NIB 18K gold EF (0991)
Aurora limited edition aqua NIB 18K gold EF (0991)

Aurora limited edition aqua NIB 18K gold EF (0991)   Aurora limited edition aqua NIB 18K gold EF (0991)
Aurora limited edition aqua NIB 18K gold EF (0991). Second-hand goods with some defects and functional restrictions. Mechanism : Piston suction type with reserve tank. Accessories : Original box set (booklet slightly deteriorated). There is some wear on the pen point and some scratches on the back of the barrel, but it is generally in good condition. Limited to 12,000 in 2001! A beautiful model that expresses the wonders of music. A book dedicated to Bach.

Johann Sebastian Bach, the father of music. It is a model dedicated to a great man who is called a treasure of the music world, the art world, and humankind, where all musicians learned the path he built. A great man who created countless masterpieces through numerous new initiatives and techniques while his legacy was scarce, and left them to future generations. The great German musician who continues to be loved today would be a good first step in the Donation series. A golden clip with the motif of the treble clef, the foundation of music.

Bach's autograph and musical score are engraved on the eye-catching shaft. Even if you are not a music fan, it is made to be drooling. 2001 limited edition [Montblanc Montblanc, Germany, the pinnacle of the writing instrument world] In 1906, the genius and imagination of a banker in Hamburg and an engineer in Berlin brought to life a glorious bud of history. In 1908, Hamburg businessmen and business partners took over the business and the company was incorporated and registered in Hamburg as SIMPLO FILLER PEN Co. In 1909, "Rouge et Noir" appeared on the market with the name of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps.

The Montblanc name is established as the safest (without ink leakage) and perfected pen ever. The name "Montblanc" is registered as a commercial product, and a fountain pen called "Montblanc" is released. In 1910, the white crown logo was born, which was the forerunner of the white star symbolizing Montblanc.

Advances to London and Paris, and White Star begins to sweep the world. The perpetual snow that covers the summit of Mont Blanc and the pride of the brand, which symbolizes the highest quality, shines. In 1924, I announce the "Meisterstuck" (Meisterstuck) collection. It will be a milestone year in the history of the writing instrument world, with the appearance of the world's most famous writing instrument.

By the late 1920s, the Montblanc brand name had expanded to more than 60 countries. Various impressive advertisements are also a hot topic. 1934 Changed company name to "Montblanc Simple GmbH". Montblanc is officially changed to the company name. This marked the beginning of the complete line of writing instruments. In 1952, the legendary "Meisterstuck 149" was born. It has become the ultimate symbol of the world of writing instruments, a timeless and perfect design style, and an icon of the world of writing instruments. In the 1960s, the big post-war boom, the double-digit series was all the rage worldwide. In 1963, "Please, take mine" - an anecdote was born that President John F. Kennedy lent a Meisterstuck to then-Prime Minister Adenauer of West Germany. Since then, Montblanc, which has established an unshakable position, has made various contributions to society as the world's largest brand of writing instruments and a masterpiece. The Meisterstuck series will be enriched with the "Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award", UNESCO and series dedicated to the world of music. Dunhill Holdings, which had acquired a majority stake in the 2022s, was acquired by Luxembourg's Vendôme Luxury Group (later Richemont), and Montblanc became the top of the world both in name and reality, transcending the boundaries of writing instruments. It is a perfect writing instrument that is worth having. See the pictures for more details. If you have any question about the condition, accessories, or anything about the product, Please feel free to message us. We are glad to answer all your concerns. If you are planning to be in the situation with no internet, please let us know. If the product contains explosive materials, we have to take that out.

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  • Brand: Aurora
  • Material: 18K gold
  • Ink Color: Multicolor
  • Nib Size: Extra Fine (EF)
  • Nib Material: 18K gold
  • Type: Fountain Pen
  • Vintage: No

Aurora limited edition aqua NIB 18K gold EF (0991)   Aurora limited edition aqua NIB 18K gold EF (0991)